About the product

magnify360's patented Dynamic Page Optimization Platform allows you to rapidly create pricing variations or discounts, and serve the best price automatically. Target devices, traffic sources, seasonality, or any profile data with the ideal user experience. The magnify360 Platform is able to dynamically adjust the price point to increase your overall revenue.

Key Features

Simply lowering your prices cuts into your profits. By serving multiple prices concurrently, our platform takes advantage of shopper behavior to generate higher revenues from your existing traffic. Even if that means serving different prices at 6pm on a Saturday night. See our case study.

Reporting Dashboard

Segment your traffic, vary your prices, and analyze the data with our easy to use dashboard.


A little love from some of our customers...

Magnify360's pages consistently perform 20-30% better than our internal pages for PPC, Display, Affiliate and any other media we throw at them. We wouldn't try buying traffic without the magnify360 platform. Ben W. - VP Online Acquisition
I LOVE the backend interface for the Magnify360 Platform. It's intuitive and simple. Patrick N. - CEO & Co-Founder
We saw an 21.6% lift in the first 60 days of our price testing with magnify360. This was an incredible impact considering that nothing changed except 2 price points. Their wealth of knowledge around mobile vs. desktop behaviors, geo-targeting and merchandizing in general is incredible. Randy F. - CEO
I do appreciate how responsive your teams are. As I've said before, it's nice to work with pros. Michael D. - User Experience Manager


Questions? We have answers... and people with answers. Email us anytime.

Who is this designed for?

Membership / Subscription businesses and E-commerce.

Will my customers get upset if they see different prices on the website?

Each customer will always see the same pricing when they come back to the site, as long as that price remains active. For businesses that are more sensitive to price testing, our consultants can help design programs that protect your brand and reputation, while still increasing revenues.

I can't vary prices for my products, can you still help?

Yes, with our optional "discount mode", each visitor will be show the best discount that they can add to the cart when they buy.

Will this work with my system?

Most likely. All it requires is installing a few lines of javascript, and telling us which pages you want to optimize. We do the rest. If your system can process different prices or support discount codes, we can work with you.

Sure, but my system is custom built on a VAX with hyper Ruby using ....?

Not a problem, as long as you can install 2 lines of javascript and tell us which products you want optimized, we can handle almost any platform.

Do I have to figure this out on my own?

No, we have a great support staff with years of experience. They are online monetization experts, understanding user buying patterns, price sensitivity analysis and e-commerce merchandizing. In addition, we hold monthly meetings with most of our clients, giving insights and planning for future price improvements and strategy.

How long does it take before I see results?

Usually 1-4 weeks of testing and analyzing your traffic patterns, our system will learn which patterns drive the pages and you will see a noticeable increase in revenue. Of course, this is based on traffic volume and the types of products you offer.

Do you deal with customer's payment information or other confidential data?

No, we simply pass the product id on to your existing payment processor, so we never need to collect any confidential information.

What kind of reporting will I be able to see?

Our reporting system has a very user friendly interface that allows you to view visitors, conversions, revenue, product trends and mobile conversions for any date range. In addition, there is a 1 click export feature for all data tables.

Will optimization work with my mobile site?

Yes! This system was designed especially for mobile users, and to give them better pricing that would increase mobile conversion rates. Exclusive offers can be delivered for mobile users, even down to the make and model of their phone. (Selling android phones and want to offer better prices to get iPhone users to switch? Easy!)

Can you accept additional data fields, such as past customer activity, age, gender, etc?

Yes, for our enterprise customers, we accept additional data fields that can improve the segmentation and targeting of traffic.

A little bit about Magnify360

Since 2006, we have been focused exclusively on tools and strategies for driving revenue growth for our clients. Whether it's landing page optimization, funnel conversion, or our newest offering, Dynamic Pricing Optimization, our company stays on the leading edge of real-time online performance marketing.

Boasting the only patented optimization platform to handle any kind of traffic for e-commerce, leadgen and subscription businesses, our proof is in the revenue we generate for our clients. Born from real-world experience in buying millions of dollars of media per month, this platform delivers millions of dynamic decisions every single day.

Our team of rock-star developers, user experience experts, analysts, and online acquisition practitioners work together to bring the best results out for all of our clients. Designing landing pages, improving shopping cart funnels, or mobile-enabling an entire web store - our client team works on the strategy & creative that makes all the difference!

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